About Us

Inventor and Owner Michael S. Anthony

How We Started

The idea for PegBoards® came to while riding back to PA from the Jersey Shore. Once again realizing how uncomfortable I was after a few hours in the saddle, I thought, “If I could just push my feet through these floorboards and stretch my legs”!
When I got home, I used my jigsaw to cut out the underutilized section of my stock floorboards, and welded footpegs on an ergonomic angle, just in front of the area removed. Then I took one to a metal shop and had a prototype made.  I wanted it to be built with the best materials so the pegs would hold up with riders of any weight.  
After a few adjustments, and design modifications, that initial proof of concept evolved into the patented hybrid floorboards known as PegBoards.

 Michael Anthony holds Pegboard Motorcycle Floorboard

Why Pegboards?

 The main reason is simple - COMFORT!  However, after 10+ years of rider feedback, we've discovered it goes much deeper than just a comfortable ride.  
Many satisfied customers have told me how Pegboards take the pressure off their spine and lower back by distributing their weight and lowering their center of gravity.  This "heel down" position allows them to stretch out their legs, relax their knees, and genuinely experience a "healthier ride". 
Heel Down

Patent  Numbers  US 6,719,136 81    US D483,699