Customer Comments:

"Michael, the pegboards are the best invention since pants pockets. That was the most comfortable 300 miles I have put on my bike. I love em, thanks again"



   "I installed my first pair of PegBoards  on my 2000 Heritage, racking up over 18,000 miles. I later installed my second pair on my 2001 Heritage, enjoying another 22,000 miles. My back thanks you for over 40K miles (so far) of riding comfort. "        

Wayne A   




  "In 2006 I bought my first Street Glide, and shortly after installed my first set of your boards. I traded in the 06 last year (with stock boards reinstalled) for a new 2014 Street Glide, and had the dealer install a new pair of PegBoards before delivery. I gave my old PegBoards to a friend who immediately put them on his Fat Boy. Great product ! "                  

Mark G